Saturday, 26 December 2009
  • Avant Garde

I am pleased to see you are interested in Avantgarde AcousticĀ“s horn loudspeaker systems. Maybe you have already had the chance to enjoy the exceptional sound quality of a well-designed horn system. If so, you are certainly as enthusiastic about this technology as I am. The experience of listening to music reproduction from a hornspeaker system is unique, it's as if it were live music, this made me a real enthusiast of this fascinating loudspeaker technology. On top of that, this experience is what we based the foundation of our company Avantgarde Acoustic on. Since we are entirely convinced that the striking sound quality of the horn is unique, we have dedicated ourselves to designing and manufacturing horn loudspeakers systems. We, a small team of engineers and designers, design and manufacture the Avantgarde Acoustics product line in Odenwald in Germany.