Saturday, 26 December 2009
  • Niveus Media

Niveus (pronounced: NIVV-ee-uss) Media, Inc. is a software & systems company. Through the integration of key technologies from its own IP portfolio and that of its partners, Niveus Media manufactures digital media entertainment devices for the consumer electronics and television services markets. Based in San Jose, CA, Niveus Media was founded in May 2002.
Niveus Media products currently fall into three main categories: Complete Media Centers, Networked Storage Servers, and Advanced Input Devices. Niveus Media products have been showcased on stage at numerous events by both Intel and Microsoft, including the recent CES Keynote of Bill Gates. The Niveus Media Center continues to receive numerous awards, including Best of Show for Digital Life, and a CES Innovation Award in the Video Component category. Further recognition has been received by top industry publications including Business Week, Popular Science, and TV Guide.