Brief History:

Sharper Image was Founded in 1992 by a young and passionate technology specialist Harsh Thakkar, who made it into the pages of ASIAWEEK for his performance of an unusual AV Setup in the middle of the Arabian Sea in the Eighties. Ever since the advent of Home Entertainment in India, Sharper Image has been providing the highest quality customised home theater installations & has introduced renowned designer brand Audio/Visual systems to Architects, Designers, Developers & the Homeowners. Being the first custom installers to bring Laserdisc technology and Dolby Surround, & the first to provide Plasma TV installations in private homes as early as 1997,SharperImage has been a pioneer in this field.

Organization Today:

The Organisation is today headed by Harsh Thakkar –Founder & CEO. a technical wizard and Jitendra Sejpal COO. a financial wizard. Together as a team they have established Sharper Image as one of the leading Home Theatre Entertainment providing Company in India . The founder is always on his toes to bring into India the latest cutting edge technology and has recently begun to offer extremely unique installs of a Movie & Music distribution system that enables fingertip access to content in any room in the house from a central Media server.

Build Your Digital Home With Us:

Sharper Image's greatest strength lies in the quality of service, no matter how large or small your requirements may be. Our goal is to deliver the best we have whether you may be looking for a Plasma TV or a fully integrated Home Cinema. We pride ourselves on offering Superior Customer Service.We understand the passion of our clients for Music & Movies we are sensitive to each customer’s unique needs. Sharper Image offers fully integrated customized, turn-key hassle free solutions and we look forward to working with you to ensure that your Sharper Image experience exceeds your expectations.